Kids Smile Kosciusko

Funded equally by the United Way of Kosciusko County and K21 Health Foundation to provide oral health education and assistance for young children, this program offers two components:

  1. Early childhood education for pregnant women through preschool aged children, and
  2. Dental examinations with needed follow-up treatment for children 3rd grade and younger

Kids Smile Kosciusko primarily focuses on educating parents and children on healthy dental hygiene, encouraging routine dental examinations to care for those baby teeth, and helping pay for treatment necessary to promote a healthy mouth.

From Our Clients

"I am forever grateful to Kids Smile Kosciusko for their help"

» Kari, Claypool

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you help with routine dental care, preventative services, or dentures?

At this time, Medication & Dental Assistance is limited to covering emergency treatment services such as extractions, fillings, and root canals. We understand that routine, professional dental cleanings are an important part of your oral health; however, we are unable to help pay for these services. Similarly, Medication & Dental Assistance does not fund fluoride treatments, sealants, caps/crowns, orthodontics, or dentures due to program limitations of treating only the emergency or immediate needs.


Who qualifies for Kids Smile dental evaluations and treatment?

Any child who is in 3rd grade or younger would qualify for a free dental examination and necessary treatment. If the child is eligible for free or reduced price lunch, or has family income at or below 200% Federal Poverty Level would qualify. Medication & Dental Assistance will make every attempt to serve a child, regardless of age or grade, to meet his/her emergency dental need.


What does the Kids Smile voucher cover?

The voucher will cover the cost of the examination which may include an oral evaluation, x-rays, and treatment planning. Treatment planning is up to the discretion of the dentist. Vouchers will cover the cost of extraction(s), filling(s), root canal(s), and stainless steel crown(s), as specified by the dentist. The dentist can complete a full preventative exam with the voucher, which includes a professional cleaning and fluoride varnish.


What if there are additional needs that the voucher does not cover?

The dentist will complete a treatment plan to meet the immediate needs of the patient. Anything thereafter could be the financial responsibility of the patient.


How is Kids Smile different from the Dental Assistance program?

The Dental Assistance program is restricted to emergency situations, collects a $10 cash application fee, and serves adults and children 4th grade and older. Kids Smile is not limited to emergency situations, provides vouchers to include preventative dental care (i.e. cleanings, fluoride), collects no application fee, and only serves children in 3rd grade or younger.