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Funded by the K21 Health Foundation and under the direction of Kosciusko Home Care & Hospice, Inc., Medication Assistance was established in September of 2000 to address the health and wellness needs of underserved and uninsured residents of Kosciusko County. The agency originated with the Long Term Prescription Assistance and Emergency Voucher programs to help clients afford prescription medications.

Beginning in 2004, Medication Assistance started issuing Medical Supply vouchers to help individuals in need of items such as diabetic supplies, medical equipment, or other medical supplies prescribed by a physician.

In January 2006, Medication Assistance changed its name to Medication & Dental Assistance when the emergency dental voucher program began. This service initiated with the commitment from approximately 20 Kosciusko County dentists providing care to low-income residents requiring emergency dental treatment.

In 2009, Medication & Dental Assistance opened its office in the K21 Health Services Pavilion. In 2015, Kosciusko Home Care & Hospice also began administering The Help Center, which strengthened the partnership between Medication & Dental Assistance and The Help Center.

Medication & Dental Assistance launched the Kids Smile Kosciusko program in August 2011 under the administration of the K21 Health Foundation and United Way of Kosciusko County. The program was established to meet the dental needs of young children by providing oral health education to children ages 0-5 and funding dental evaluations and treatment for children in 3rd grade and younger.  As of 2016, K21 is the sole funder for the Kids Smile Kosciusko program.

Our purpose is to improve the overall health of as many eligible Kosciusko County residents as possible by providing and advocating for financial assistance for long and short-term medication, medical supply, and dental assistance to individuals who would otherwise be unable to afford these basic health needs.

Our Mission

To provide the resources to make healthcare supplies and services accessible to low-income residents in Kosciusko County.

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