From Our Clients

Learn how Medication & Dental Assistance has helped others!

Ada, Warsaw

I came from Puerto Rico and I have been here for 9 months. My situation needed dental assistance. I sent an email to the program and the response answered all my questions and explained very clearly what I need to do.

I went to the office and the Patient Advocate who attended me, called, made an appointment and explained where the dentist was located. The service that I received was awesome and the dentist and her assistants were kind!

Thanks for all your help! God bless.

Stephen, Cromwell

I am pleased to recommend this program to any person in Kosciusko County. They helped me in a time of crisis. I was laid off from my job that I thought I was going to retire from. I am an insulin dependent diabetic and I require a lot of medications. They helped me both immediately and long term. I am grateful and blessed to have caring people that care for my well being. I would request that anybody with a need for medication contact these individuals for assistance.

Toni, Warsaw

I would like to thank the Medication Assistance office and the staff for all the help that they have given me in the past few years. I am a diabetic and I also have glaucoma. I need to take my eye drops daily and also my pills for being a diabetic. With your help I can take my medication every day. So again I want to thank you for helping me.

Kathy, Warsaw

For the last 18 years I have been disabled with fibromyalgia and chronic pain resulting from several back issues from a long ago car accident. In 2001 my husband became disabled and at that time we lost everything we had worked for: our home, cars, everything. We were homeless. We lived at our daughter and son-in-law’s home until a situation arose where we could have housing & utilities in exchange for working part time seasonally for them. During this time we were helped by the state as far as our medical bills and prescriptions.

In 2003 my husband received Social Security Disability and that left me fallen through the cracks. My husband got Medicare and prescriptions but we made too much money for me to get any assistance. We lived below poverty level financially and could not afford to pay for individual insurance. A lady at our church told us about Medication Assistance and that’s when they came to my rescue.

From my first visit back in 2003 until today I have been a client of this program. I have been impressed by their professionalism and with how caring they are. Sometimes a snag will come up, but they persist until they get an answer for you. My medications run into the thousands each month and without this program I would not be able to get any of these. Medication & Dental Assistance has been a definite blessing for me.

Patricia, Warsaw

My son became so very ill in February 2012. He had cholesterol and triglyceride levels of astronomical nature…so critical that the fat from his blood was coming through his skin and his blood with so filled with fat that it was white. It was determined by EKG that he had a heart attack but it could not be determined when. My son has no insurance. I was literally falling apart when I went to Medication Assistance for help. I met with a Patient Advocate who went above and beyond to get my son’s medication. He is alive today and doing well because of Medication Assistance’s compassion. I am grateful to the Patient Advocate and those at Medication Assistance. Your advocacy for patients that are indigent or have little money will not be forgotten!

Kari, Claypool

Recently, we took our son to the dentist for the first time. He is five years old, but we had not had, nor do we currently have, dental coverage. He’d broken a tooth some time ago, but we’d put off taking him because of finances. When we finally went, it was worse than we thought. He needed eight cavities filled, and possibly some root canals. Although we eat well at home, and brush his teeth regularly, he obviously inherited my soft teeth.

We were worried about how we would be able to cover these expenses, as we had just paid off a $1500 dental bill and still had more children needing more dental work. Our dentist asked me if I’d heard of the Kids Smile program before. I had not, so she gave me the information. That day I promptly contacted their office. By the next morning, I was in the Kids Smile office, filling out paperwork and received a voucher for part of his dental work. The next week, we got another voucher to cover the rest.

I cried and cried when I got the news that they would help us out. I am so thankful to our dentist for working with this program. And, I am forever grateful to Kids Smile Kosciusko for their help. This saved us around $2000 of dental work. The staff was wonderful to work with, and it was a true answer to our prayers. What a blessing to know there is help in those times we need it.